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The 2 Week Challenge

This challenge will change your life for the better

After just two weeks of placing a healthy goal focused lifestyle higher on your priority list, with our help, you’ll have an understanding of how to implement a lifestyle balance that includes regular exercise and quality nutrition.

If you feel like there is too much confusion around what you should do to see the best results and you’re sick of starting and ending an exercise routine or diet without any benefit then this programme will suit your needs.

We don’t focus on how much weight you can lose or how much body fat you can drop in 2 weeks. We look at why your current routine doesn’t work and what needs to change. Your challenge is personalised and focused on what you have to deal with on a day by day basis. We’ll show you how to implement what you have learned and give you two weeks to see weather we are on the right track. Two weeks for a lifetime of great results. We finish your challenge by setting some goal for you to achieve now you have all the motivation and understand how to be successful.
“We listen to you, we don’t just tell you what’s best”
“Do something for yourself, it just takes 2 weeks!”

  • Why do you get stressed?
  • Why are you energy levels below optimum?
  • Why are you waking up tired?
  • Do you know how to eat?
  • If not why?
  • Do you train properly?
  • Do you train with good intensity for your goal?
  • Is your motivation high?
  • Do you have the drive to succeed?
  • Is there something underlying that’s holding you back from achieving success?


2 weeks focus


The skills to implement a better lifestyle from the gym to work to home, potentially for the rest of you life.

You get

  • 3 personal training sessions
  • a personalised house visit with supermarket tour (optional)
  • a comprehensive exercise program and plan
  • a nutrition and movement assessment
  • endless education.

Total value $ 700.00, get your 2 week challenge for $ 349.00.