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Personal Training

A Personal Approach


Advanced Fitness work from the Worcester Health Club located in the westend of the CBD, with a small private facility we create an environment that allows you to grow as you achieve your goals and meet your potential. We create a plan to set you up for a lifetime of great health and performance and always have a balanced lifestyle in mind.

Our team includes Paul Todd, Jane Williams and Shelley Girvan. Our model puts our clients first we have a proactive whole body approach and integrate all areas of functional health and exercise to allow those who work with us to perform at there best.

Paul (a Kaizen Advanced Health Coach) has a background in functional health through his time working with the Kaizen health institute, he combines this knowledge with exercise to manage the health and performance for individuals who need to operate at the top of there chosen pursuit or profession. 

Jane  specialises in women's health and fitness, whilst working in the Advanced Fitness mentoring programme she is becoming a leader in this area for women who need a personalised focus and a plan catered to there needs. Jane is available to work with you at the Worcester Health club or an outdoor location of your choice.

Shelley has an extensive multisport background and has a passion for helping women regardless of there level of fitness be more active for the right reasons. Shelley coaches her clients towards there events and helps them create a balanced approached to managing life and having personal goals to achieve. Shelley runs our mobile personal training and is available to train you from your home/ place of work or favourite local outdoor space. We provide a no obligation free consultation if you wish to consider working with us


Our services and Pricing

  • One on one Personal training: Starts from $50 per 30minute session or $90 for an hour.
  • Mobile Personal training: from $60 per 30minute session or $95 for an hour.
  • Small group training:2-5 people, from $40 pp. Also see our outdoor group training for existing larger outdoor groups.
  • One off structural and postural assessment with 6 week programme: $200 (allow 90 minutes) Includes weekly follow up.
  • Health coaching packages: 12 week individual programme $2290 (Includes an Adrenal function test, food sensitivity test, weekly coaching session or 2x weekly exercise sessions , structural assessment and problem solving. 12 week plan and 3 month follow on plan at completion of programme. 12 month programmes available P.O.A. Programmes are delivered online and in person.
  • Seminars and education/ team building and workplace challenges: see Corporate health.

All sessions/programme are included under our SMEAP programme so your session could well be a tax deductible expense!

Please contact us with further questions or book an no obligation chat to see if we are the right fit for you.