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Outdoor Group Training (Online live classes)

Outdoor group training (Online live group training).

Join is in the comfort of your own home affordable tailored group session designed specifically for our clients. 

Advanced fitness runs small group outdoor training sessions in a number of locations around Christchurch.

We operate private groups and work with companies for staff training sessions.

Our sessions are designed to empower and motivate those who participate all whilst enjoying varied workouts aimed at improving your lean body mass and fitness. We place particular focus on healthy movement ensuring whilst your fitness and strength improves and you’re feeling great, your body will continue to perform well. Come along for some exercise and stay because of the people you meet and the fun your have improving your health and well-being.

Locations include: Elmwood Park (Heaton st), Jeffrey’s Park (Jeffrey’s road), Hagley Park.

Most sessions are run at Elmwood Park, we run five 6:10am sessions, four 9am sessions. All Elmwood sessions are focused on woman’s fitness.

All sessions last for 45mins and involve a combination of resistance training for muscle tone and strength with fitness and movement health. We have around 100 people coming along on a weekly basis, all Elmwood sessions run during the school terms. All sessions have limited numbers so please enquire if you’re interested in a free trial session.