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Why is my hip sore

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Soreness in the muscles around your hip can mean a few things, you may be in need to some imagery and medical advice if you have a serious issue or you may be suffering from a common imbalance in strength and movement.

We spend a lot of time in repetitive movement patterns whether it be a weekend exercise pursuit or a regular gym routine your movement can look very similar even if you have a range of exercises in your programme.

If you had a imbalance in strength or an ankle or hip the moves differently to the other side then you can easily develop a compensation and feed into it on a daily basis.

Common issues I see are anterior (front) hip discomfort or pain and tension in the side of the pelvis and into the lower back.

We will always test to see what range the pain occurs at and if unsure refer to a specialist of sports doctor to make sure there isn't some underlying issue that needs to be repaired. In saying that 90% of the time we see one of two issues that is easily treated.

1) an ankle that has limited Doris flexsion ( forward movement knee over ankle)

2) weakness in the Glute muscles on the other side of the body ( and we often both issues occurring together)

Treatment can be straight forward with a little extra awerness and if nothing is done then you could risk long term knee and hip injuries on the dominant overworked side!

Treatment looks at a combination of ankle mobility and strength work on the weaker side of the hip. We will add in some release work to the sore side to keep in happy and in a matter of days.

I'll post a video over the next few days to show you how to work your sore hip!

If this information sounds like it could help you simply see how you feel standing on each leg, a wobbly leg = a lack of control and we could be onto something!

Email your examples and I'll see if I can help